Why are we still having this argument about free web content?

Some wise words from David Higgerson about the free vs paywall debate. 


When a hyperlocal site can have a bigger audience than a century-old newspaper, do you still think it’s wrong to ‘give away’ content for free? | David Higgerson

The arrival of the internet didn’t lead to people expecting their local news for free. That ship sailed in the 1980s when free newspapers were born. The internet simply made it possible for people to pick and choose the content they consume, rather than receiving everything we thought they wanted. If we’d not bothered putting it online, they simply would have gone elsewhere, or managed without.

  • TimothyHolmes

    Yes, it’s funny how people tend to forget about free local newspapers. As I remember them, all of the arguments about recycling press releases, etc, were just as applicable.

  • http://www.onemanandhisblog.com Adam Tinworth

    Journalism’s rose-tinted glasses only work when you’re looking backwards…